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Radio control

For hoist or crane, heavy duty pushbuttons transmittor and enclosed receptor


Track suspended festooning

An efficient and economical way to electrify longer span, heavier duty crane bridges and monorail system. Also available for festoon pendant control stations.


Shielded bar conductors

Shielded figure"8" bar conductor systems are designed to meet average conductor requirements for cross conductors and runway systems up to 300' long without engineering or layout expense.


Variable frequency drives

Variable frequency drives provide smooth ramped acceleration and decelaration and precise load spotting while lessening impact on the drive train and allowing the motor to run cooler. They are available for all BUDGIT electric chain hoists.


Chain container

Chain containers eliminate hanging tail chains by providing a storage container for the chain. They are easily installed and accept the chain in a way that will not kink or twist the chain


HOWELL Serie "T" 65 amp.

Suited for crane, hoist, monorail and other electrification application. Straight or curved sections available. Twin contact collector.


Heavy duty rigid mount trolleys for heavy duty service traverse applications

Designed for use specifically with BUDGIT lug mounted electric chain hoists. The wheel are heat treated forged steel with dual taread design for operation on either "S" or wide flange beams. Sealed precison ball bearings and heavy gauge steel side plates provide a heavy duty unit.


Push button station

All motions can be controlled from a convenient, easy to operate NEMA 4X push button station. Push button stations are available for one and two speeds, or variable frequency applications.


Cable reels

Spring loaded reels keep power conductor cables taut and put out of the way. Suitable for use with BUDGIT and other electric hoists and trolleys. Cable reel is stationary type with a 340 pivot base.


Current collectors

Slide type collectors conductor bar systems. Collector arrangments typically consist of a collector pole and mounting plate with one collector shoe for each conductor in the conductor system.

Lug suspension

Lug suspension is optional and provides a shorter headroom than hook suspension. Lug suspension is available only for link chain hoists. Motor driven trolleys must use lug suspension.